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RC Plath Company has three primary product classifications. All of our products are crafted from the finest raw materials that are acquired thru our local distributors / foundries, and then are crafted using our time-tested techniques and years of experience.  We choose materials that range in types from bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other alloys as the job demands.

Marine Parts and Specialty Marine Hardware

RC Plath Company's early years were spent servicing the local industries and ship yards around the Portland, OR area.  Years of experience in this field lead to RC Plath Company producing an industry leading brand of Marine hardware - the Plath Marine line of Windlass Anchor retrieval systems.  Plath Marine products have reliably weathered the storm on vessels large and small for over 60 years.  Seasoned Mariners know that the other competition brands are simply cheap look-a-likes and Plath Marine branded products are the best choice for quality and longevity.

Metal Spun Parts

RC Plath Company was established as a metal spinning, custom stamping, fabrication, and a full machine shop facility in Portland, Oregon in 1926.  Metal Spinning is classified as one of the world's oldest art-forms, dating back to the ancient Chinese 'potter's wheel'.  This art-form requires years of practice to perfect, and our experienced metal spinners demonstrate the hand art with ease.  Many types of finished metal products can only be produced with the art of metal-spinning. Come view some of our finished Metal-Spun parts.

Full Service Machine Shop

RC Plath Company has provided precision metal products for years, and a core foundation of our ability to do so is our Machine Tools and Tool-making abilities.  Our teams of Machinists skillfully make the Tools and Tooling needed to produce our Plath Marine Line of products, and to create dies, tools, and tooling for the Metal-Spinning process.  Finally, this same team is responsible for putting the finishing touches and few details on all of the manufactured products.  We can provide Tool and Tool-making services, CNC Machining, Press, Mill, Lathe, or other conventional machining.  Please Contact Us with your specific needs.



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