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About Our Company

RC Plath Company was established as a metal spinning, custom stamping, fabrication, and a full machine shop facility in Portland, Oregon in 1926. The company provided parts for the local industries and ship yards.

RC Plath Company, in 1969, purchased the Albina Engine Service Company's line of Marine products. This line has been manufactured since the early 1900's, and is known across the industry as very reliable. RC Plath Company continues to produce high quality Marine products derived from this line.

RC Plath Company was acquired in 2004 by Abba Industries, Inc. which was formed of previous machinists, engineers, and employees of RC Plath Company. The employees at Abba Industries, Inc. have and always will be very committed to quality and customer service as our product lines have demonstrated throughout the years. Providing precise, reliable and customized metal components for essentially all industries is our goal.

History, Wisdom, & Experience

RC Plath Company prospered during times when American-made metal products were manufactured in a 'built to last' fashion. Through the past 85+ years, we have produced the best quality, hand-made metal parts and Marine Products for almost every industry and sector of business, and continue to do things the same way today.

Continued Excellence in Metal Fabrication

Today, RC Plath Company's years of experience allows us to produce the time-tested products with the same standards.  RC Plath Company primarily focuses on manufacturing of the Plath Marine Products.  Also, RC Plath Company produces other specialty marine hardware, and spare parts for all Plath and Albina windlasses.

RC Plath Company also specializes in metal spinning, stamping,  and Precision CNC machining. All of the RC Plath Company products have stood the test of time thru the decades, and we continue to service, manufacture, and maintain all products with the same level of quality.

Supporting the Local Economy

RC Plath Company is based in Oregon, USA, and is proud to support local suppliers, retailers, partners, and customers from the Pacific Northwest, and other areas of the United States.  RC Plath Company primarily focuses sales to direct consumers from our website, our catalog and via word of mouth. We also work with several Marine Hardware and Boat manufacturing dealers on the West Coast for distribution of our Plath Marine products.

Support the local economy and purchase your products from locally owned businesses like RC Plath Company.


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